The Trending Back to School Hairstyles of 2018

Back to school season is here! It’s time to start thinking about new school supplies, school clothes, and the new fall season in general. Don’t forget to pick out your new fall hairstyle! The best thing to help start off the new school year is a fresh cut. The trends this 2018-2019 school year, is the “No-fuss Bob.” This hairstyle is a minimalist style with only a few layers. It is best for finer hair and is perfect for simple and easy styling before school. Another popular hair trend is the “New Shag.” The shag haircut has become more modernized in the last year and is continuing to grow.  These cuts embrace natural hair textures which makes it perfect for quick styling. Just add your favorite product to get your hair to its desired style, and go!

Not only is a fresh haircut good for back to school, it can be beneficial to your hair after a long summer spent in the pool, ocean, and sun. By trimming off your dead ends, your hair can become as healthy as it was before the summer damage. At Coco Leigh we offer treatment haircuts to help regain your hair’s natural shine and softness. Our powerdose treatment is best if you’re feeling like your hair needs some extra conditioning.


I have worked at Coco Leigh for four years, and every summer when I come home from a week at the beach, I love to get a powerdose to make my hair smooth and soft again. Another hair treatment we offer is for people who have well water. If you regularly use well water to wash your hair it may be in need of some help. Often times well water leaves mineral build up on your hair. This treatment helps to get rid of any unwanted discoloration, stiffness, and frizziness and leaves you feeling shiny and healthy again.


Stop in to Coco Leigh and get your back to school haircuts! We look forward to seeing you.