Onstage Hair Extensions and Weft Extensions

What is the Onstage Hair Extension System?
Onstage link or bead is a brand new, innovative hair extension system released in 2018. These are very small, soft individual hair strands that are invisible while worn and soft to the touch. This technology is gentle to the natural hair without compromising performance. You will love the feel of longer, thicker hair!

What is an onstage weft extension?

It is a flatter weft than hand-tied or machine made wefts, so it fits closer to the scalp and is less visible than any other weft extension.


Frequently Asked Questions about Onstage Hair Extensions

1. Who should consider wearing Onstage Hair Extensions?
Onstage Hair Extensions are suitable for most people to add volume, color or length. The fine soft attachment in combination with the Micro Links are very gentle on the natural hair. People with extremely fine or low-density hair should try a few at the back of the head first for a minimum period of 6 weeks. If the hair can carry the weight and the pulling stress from brushing, blow-drying and sleeping, they can then try a full weft. 

2. How long can you wear Onstage Hair Extensions?
Onstage Hair Extensions can easily be worn for up to 3 months, after which they must be removed and re-applied. It also depends on how well the hair is maintained, how fast the natural hair is growing, and how strong and thick the natural hair is. You can use Onstage Hair Extensions for a whole year or longer if the recommended maintenance is followed. 

3. What is Onstage Hair Extensions Remy Hair?
Remy hair is famous for its long-lasting quality and colors. Onstage Hair Extensions’ remy hair still has its cuticle layer intact and is sorted in the same direction (Remy or Remi). This makes the hair less likely to tangle and reflects a natural shine. We also trim off the ends for an impeccable, quality finish.

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