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Feeling like you want to have the long sexy hair you could never seem to obtain? Hair extensions might be the option for you! The entire staff at Coco Leigh Hair Boutique is certified in She by So.cap USA Hair hair extensions. We will provide you with all the answers to your questions. Schedule your consultation today.

How much does it cost to get hair extensions?

The price is determined during your free consultation. Each client’s hair is different, and therefore prices cannot be predicted before the consultation. Price is determined by the experience of your extensionist, the amount of hair needed, and the desired length of the hair. SHE by SoCap extensions are the best quality hair extensions on the market, and SoCap is the only company offering 100% keratin bonds. With keratin bonds, no glue or adhesive is used during the attachment process. This ensures a safe, healthy, and strong bond that is completely invisible. When applied properly, they are the best extensions money can purchase! Individual hair extensions (sports team colors, school colors, pink Breast cancer awareness strands, etc.) are individually priced, and start at $15 per strand.

How long do hair extensions last?

Hair extensions can last  up to 6 months depending on how well they were applied, how well you take care of them, the length of the client’s hair, and how fast the client’s hair grows. The longer the client’s hair is, the better it will cover the hair extension bonds allowing them to “grow out” more without being seen.

Do I have to wash my hair every day?

With hair extensions, many of our clients find they shampoo less during the week because their hair is fuller than normal and doesn’t get as oily, flat, or unkempt looking as their own hair. However, many woman who exercise daily wash their hair extensions every day with no adverse effects on the condition or longevity of their new hair.

Can I use styling products on my hair extensions?

As long as the bonds have been properly applied and closed on the client’s hair, there is no reason to worry about using any type of styling products on the hair extensions.

Can I still have my hair colored after I get extensions applied?

Yes! The client’s hair should be colored 2-3 days before placement of the hair extensions and anytime 2-3 weeks after the application. It is always recommended that the Certified She By Socap Hair Extensionist color your hair prior to your extension application because there are certain guidelines and rules to follow to be sure the bonds of the extensions are in the best care possible.

Can I use a hair conditioner on the bonds of my extensions?

If the bond is correctly applied to the hair, the client will be able to shampoo and condition the same way they always treated their hair. Please be sure to use a sulfate and paraben free professional shampoo and conditioner. This will help with the longevity of your hair extensions.

Why do people get hair extensions?

There are many reasons why people choose to purchase extensions. For example some women like extensions for the fullness, thickness, and body. There are other women who want to add a temporary color to their hair without damaging their own. Length is the most popular choice our guests make when purchasing hair extensions.

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